A business analysis of fantasy rock

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A business analysis of fantasy rock

Your fairy tale kingdom can't save you now, dh'oine. Low Fantasy is a catchall, and rather inexact, term for that sub-genre of fantasy that is set in a secondary world but is neither High Fantasy nor Heroic Fantasythough it may overlap with other sub-genres.

Not a good way to define a genre, but English is funny like that — especially our particular brand of it. The designation is not a description of the quality of the work, but rather the amount of fantasy, and the number of fantastic or otherwise supernatural elements, it contains, which can be rather difficult to measure.

Sometimes comedies are also excluded from the genre, but either way the works that remain don't have a natural unity. However, while there are no features all Low Fantasy has in common, there are features common in many low fantasies, each the opposite of one of the defining features of High Fantasy: Historical, contemporary, or even futuristic but otherwise subdued and only sparsely supernatural.

A clear contrast to High Fantasy 's wildly supernatural setting.

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Worlds which are populated mostly or even exclusively by human beings rather than the usual Tolkienesque mix of elves, dwarves and other humanoids. While Magic is very prominent in High Fantasyit's usually rare if not non-existent in Low Fantasy.

Mythological creatures like dragons and demons are either likened to animals or completely unaccounted for in the work's setting.

Tends to focus more on the survival and tribulations of one or a few individuals rather than the whole world. A villainous king who steals a magical artifact is less likely to be trying to bring back the Infernal Legions of Hell and conquer the world and more likely to be trying to make himself immortal or conquer a few nearby kingdoms.

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While High Fantasy features battles between good and evil, wars in Low Fantasy are usually fought for power, land, and resources. Victories are usually achieved through physical combatnot magical battles or moral superiority - the defining feature of Heroic Fantasy. Usually normal people that have taken up a cause rather than the Chosen Ones of High Fantasy.

Distinguishing between low fantasy and soft science fiction can be tricky.

Howard, creator of Conan the Barbarianwrote both; the Cthulhu mythos is both. In a way its more accurate to consider a work's each quality separately as either belonging to High Fantasy or to Low Fantasy rather than try and categorise them as absolutes.

Not to be confused with Demythtificationwhich removes the magical elements, but can keep the Black and White Morality and such. The setting is a world with with very few exceptions medieval or renaissance technology, full of wars, slavery, discrimination, ethnic conflicts, insecurity, inequality, amoral researchers and abuse of power.

The story however is fairly optimistic about it, with the main characters and most people they meet merely trying to survive and find happiness despite everything.

Attack on Titan has no real supernatural beings other than the titular titans, and those are treated more scientifically than other fantasy races. Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash:Hard Rock Cafe decides about the location of its businesses based on market analysis and industry analysis.

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A business analysis of fantasy rock

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