A proposal in favor of change in university class attendance

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A proposal in favor of change in university class attendance

He also thanked them for re-electing him as Senate Council Chair and said he looked forward to working with them again next year.

Chair Rich reminded senators to pick up the packet of materials distributed at the door, including: There is also a separate amendment to SP. Rich gave the following report on Senate Council: Senate Council Meeting with Trustees.

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Rich characterized the meeting as productive and beneficial; he looked forward to continuing this tradition next year.

Senate Council has also recommended to the Provost that he form a Task Force to further study this issue. Rich announced that the following senators have agreed to serve as tellers: The Provost described that as an institutional estimate.

Proposed New Sections 11, 12, 13, and 14 Re: Senator Greg Girolami LAS saw no reason to exclude employees on one-year contracts from this policy, i.

Fossum moved to amend the amendment by striking the phrase "appointed for a greater than one year contract".

A proposal in favor of change in university class attendance

Debbie Lee pointed out that such an amendment would render Pataky's amendment meaningless. A motion to close debate on the Fossum amendment to the Pataky amendment was approved by voice vote.

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By show of hands, Fossum's amendment to Pataky's amendment was approved. Senator Kagan agreed, suggesting that more feedback is needed. Fossum stated this statutory change would allow multi-year up to three year contracts to be offered to non-tenured academic staff members. He moved its approval.

While Kagan admitted he did not agree with many of the points in the letter, he highlighted Shapiro's description of a national trend - the increasing use of part-time faculty.

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Kagan did not want the University of Illinois to contribute to this trend. Senator David Sisson VMED believed that 1 there were inadequate checks and balances embedded in the proposal, 2 it would create another class of employees, and 3 it would undermine the ability to recruit tenure-track faculty.

He urged a vote against the amendment. By show of hands, the amendment was defeated. Senator Girolami re-asserted his original objection to the policy - that procedures for sanctions for people with multi-year contracts need to be in place see SP.

He moved that consideration of SP.

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There were no further nominations and nominations were declared closed. Tellers distributed ballots and reported the following vote totals: Andersen - 55; Weech - Senator Geneva Belford ENGR found several of the resolutions problematic, including the at-large elections of the Senate Executive Committee and the Committee on Committees, the apparently arbitrary re-structuring of Senate Committees, and the characterization by Senate Council Chair Bob Rich that this resolution offers a change in "philosophy".

She offered a substitute motion, to wit, "That the Senate receive the report of the SRC, with thanks, and that the Senate Council be asked to send the various recommendations of the SRC to the appropriate Senate standing committees for further study. Senator Gordon Baker VMED expressed his support for Belford's substitute motion and saw nothing wrong with Senate committees being given an opportunity to discuss this report before it comes again before the Senate for a vote.

The Urbana-Champaign Senate had previously approved a faculty-wide election to determine its representative.On March 26 th and 27 th, the SMIF class was honored to welcome SMIF alumnus and Bucknell University graduate, Mr.

Joe iridis-photo-restoration.com Quintilian graduated from Bucknell with a degree in management and went on to co-found Axiom Markets, a proprietary energy .

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According to the initial proposal, submitted in January, a student could be issued a demerit for chewing gum, slouching in class, putting a foot on the desk or “improper use” of a student planner. May 5, , 12 p.m. he is in favor of the proposal, The Sports Marketing class is required, while Marketing is not.

Some students take both courses and there is some overlap, but not much, he stated. The Sports Marketing course covers some basic marketing principles, but .

A proposal in favor of change in university class attendance

In any college or university class or discussion section where the instructor can be expected to know every student’s name by semester’s end—say, when enrollment is fifty students or fewer—the instructor should be required to make class attendance and participation a significant part .

Small Project Proposal – Dr. Asoodeh reported that the subcommittee clarified in the Proposal document the criteria for determining when a proposal is broken up to comply with the $5, limit.

The subcommittee made a recommendation to change the submission dates for Small Project Proposals beginning in The practice is often used to support students in graduating on time, but, a January investigation into graduation and attendance at D.C.

Public Schools [DCPS] revealed that credit recovery was widely misused by schools in the District.

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