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Patacsil Cast of Characters Narrator 1-Effective storyteller, warm, intimate with the audience.

Birthmark by a c patacsil

Petitioners resided in California at the time they filed the petition. On February 3,petitioner, Ernesto P.

Patacsiland petitioner, Marilyn E. In Part I, Power of Attorney, of each of those respective forms, each petitioner authorized Julie Doughty petitioners' representative or Ms. Doughtya certified public accountant, to represent them before the IRS with respect to Federal income tax tax matters for their taxable years,and Doughty did not represent petitioners during the IRS' examination of petitioners' taxable years through On August 18,respondent issued the notice to petitioners.

Most of those adjustments consisted of respondent's determinations 1 to increase gross receipts or sales reported by petitioners and 2 to disallow certain expenses claimed by petitioners 3 in certain Schedules C, Profit or Loss From Business Schedule Cthat they had included with the respective tax returns that they had filed for their taxable years, and returns.

Another adjustment to income that respondent determined in the notice for each of petitioners' taxable years, and was to increase their gambling winnings for each of those years that petitioners had reported in their returns.

Respondent also determined in the notice that petitioners are liable for each of their taxable years, and for the accuracy-related penalty under section a. The only determinations in the notice for their taxable years through that petitioners contested in the petition were 1 respondent's disallowance of claimed Schedule C mortgage interest expenses and claimed Schedule C "Other Expenses" for "Groceries and Cleaning supplies" and 2 respondent's increase of petitioners' gambling winnings.

The consideration by respondent's Appeals Office Appeals Office of petitioners' taxable years through was initiated on November 16,by a request from an attorney in respondent's Chief Counsel's Office Chief Counsel's Office that the Appeals Office consider those years. Sessionan Appeals officer, was assigned to petitioners' case on January 28, On the same date, he sent petitioners a letter that, inter alia, notified them that he was responsible for the Appeals Office review of petitioners' case.

On February 1,he sent a copy of that letter to Ms. From early February through December 8,Mr. Session spent a total of approximately 26 hours considering petitioners' case.

During that period, he, inter alia, received and reviewed various documents that Ms.

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Doughty provided to him 6 in support of petitioners' positions with respect to the various issues in petitioners' case, had several telephone discussions with Ms.

Doughty regarding those issues, concluded that he was willing to make certain concessions regarding certain of those issues, and believed on the basis of his discussions with Ms. Doughty that petitioners would probably be willing to make certain concessions and that consequently petitioners' case would probably be settled.

Session maintained a so-called case activity record in which he made notes of any important activity that occurred, the date of any such activity, and the time he spent on any such activity during his consideration of petitioners' case. Session made those notes in the case activity record contemporaneously with the occurrence of the activity about which he was making the notes.

Session's consideration of petitioners' case, Ms. Patacsil 7 informed of her discussions with Mr. During that consideration, Ms.

Birthmark by a c patacsil

Doughty also communicated to Ms. Patacsil what she and the accounting firm for which she worked accounting firm believed was the possible resolution of the various issues that she was discussing with Mr. On July 11,the Court served on petitioners and respondent a notice setting this case for trial notice of trial at the Court's trial session in San Francisco, California, commencing on December 12, December 12, San Francisco trial session.

On the same date on which the Court served the notice of trial on the parties in this case, the Court also served the Court's standing pretrial order on them.

The notice of trial stated in pertinent part: The parties are hereby notified that this case is set for trial at the [San Francisco] Trial Session beginning at The calendar for that Session will be called at that date and time, and the parties are expected to be present and to be prepared to try the case.

Your failure to appear may result in dismissal of the case and entry of decision against you. Starting around October 17,as the beginning of the Court's December 12, San Francisco trial session drew closer, Mr. Session kept Sharyn Ortega Ms.

Ortegathe attorney with Chief Counsel's Office assigned to this case, informed on a regular basis about his consideration of petitioners' case, including the status of his discussions with Ms. On October 28,the Court served on petitioners and respondent a notice reminding them that this case was calendared for trial at the December 12, San Francisco trial session.

That notice stated in pertinent part: This case will remain on the Court's trial calendar unless both parties sign an agreed decision and submit it to the Court, or unless the Court otherwise notifies the parties that it is taking this case off the trial calendar.

If the case remains on the Court's trial calendar and you fail to appear at the Trial Session, the case may be dismissed.Ms. Patacsil telephoned Ms. Ortega when she arrived at Ms.

Birthmark by a c patacsil

Ortega's office, and, as a courtesy to Ms. Patacsil, Ms. Ortega told Ms. Patacsil that she would meet her . Parks, David Michael Parris, James Casel Patacsil, Mary Minet Pattinson, Jason Robert Payne, Brynjar Aaron Peterson, Mark E.

Peterson, Mary Elizabeth Alex C. Sagewalker, Teresita Sanchez, Gina. The Official Program Booklet for the 13th San Diego Asian Film Festival. C. San Diego Asian Film to be shown at Miramar College in collaboration with City College: Judy Patacsil announced that City College is collaborating with the San Diego Asian Film Festival to show a film.

BITHMARK By: A. C. Patacsil Cast of Characters Narrator 1-Effective storyteller, warm, intimate with the audience. When he reads the Lord’s lines his tone becomes solemn, authoritative, dignified. each year since his passing, the san diego asian film festival has proudly presented an emerging filmmaker award in honor of former Program director george lin.

a scientist by trade, george co-founded the dC asian Pacific american film festival in , then joined sdaff in

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