Business plan for bike rental shop

Information on our sales and marketing efforts are discussed in the following sections. The State University at Metroburg is over years old and as it has grown, Metroburg has grown around it.

Business plan for bike rental shop

Therefore bicycle rentals can be a great method to tour a locality. Job duties When starting a bicycle rental business you will be responsible for maintaining the bicycles and biking gear. You will need to, first, do market and competitive research on several possible locations for your bike rental shop.

You will also need to set up a system for making sure your bikes are safe from thieves. This means you will be providing customers with a lock and teaching them how to use it. You can also consider taking a deposit from customers, or taking a copy of their credit card information in case the bicycle is not returned.

You will need to research legal considerations, such as designing waiver forms to lower you liabilities with customers. Local rental and biking laws will also have to be researched.

Retail Bicycle Shop Business Plan - Strategy and Implementation Summary

You will need to hire and train employees to help you rent out the bicycles. You will also have to constantly stay up with local bicycling trends. Where will you work? When starting a bicycle rental business a tourist area would be best to locate in. However, if your city has a large park with bike trails, this would also be a good place to locate.

A city with a high number of bike owners may still be a good bet for a bike rental shop. In that case, you would want to offer high-end bicycles for customers interested in trying out the latest bikes in addition to the more affordable rentals; tandem bicycles would also be a good offering.

You may also want to consider having a rental business in the backyard of a home adjacent a bike trail, if you can get a variance from the local authorities. Basic costs The start up costs for starting a bicycle rental business will include a fleet of bicycles, a set of tools, and a shed or small warehouse space to work out of.

Liability insurance will have to be purchased. As your business grows you may need to hire additional workers. Rental forms will also be needed.

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Safe and clean bikes and equipment will provide an excellent biking experience for your customers and they will be happy to come back to you for another biking session.

Promotion— Advertise and increase awareness of your business. Do cross-promotional events with biking clubs. Try to convert walkers, joggers etc. You could even do some cross-promotional events with a variety of groups, such as, jogging, martial arts, etc.

business plan for bike rental shop

This will provide other fitness enthusiasts with cross-training opportunities Competitive Rates — Price your rentals competitively. There may be more bicycle rental services in your city and hence competitive pricing is important to stay in the game.

You may even want to provide monthly or seasonal passes for repeat customers.This is a free sample business plan for Bicycle - Retail Shop.

To see more business plan examples, business plan software, and other business planning tools visit We want the university population to see us as their bike shop, even our name says so, University Cycle Works. We want them to see us as part of their daily experience.

Use this retail bike shop business plan as your template to create the best bike shop in town that’s also a thriving, profitable business! The remaining cash will be used for working capital for wages, rent, utilities and operational costs for the first year of business. A well run bike shop can make money, and while no one ever got rich, a lot of dealers have been very comfortable.

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But, this is a flat out warning. Going into business is dangerous to your lifestyle, your net worth, your relationships with family and friends, and to your peace of mind.

CYCLE-RAMA MARKETING PLAN. I. Market Analysis. T. cycling products from the local bike shop business to a broad audience as well as target very specific audiences. We can create an app or incorporate one that will have a link that will identify close bike trails through GPS.

Managing a bike rental shop isn’t a whole lot different from managing anything else. It has its successes and shortfalls, it has tough customers and curious tourists, and there are always going to be good employees and bad employees. In this video, entrepreneur Bob Adams walks you through the financial part of Rent-A-Bike's business plan.

In this video, entrepreneur Bob Adams walks you through the financial part of Rent-A-Bike's business plan. Sample Business Plan Financials: Bob’s Rent-A-Bike. Part 1 of 4 - .

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