Cultural globalization is not americanization essay

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Cultural globalization is not americanization essay

But can we put the sign of equality between these two phenomens? Could the globalization be considered an American creation? In fact, The United States of America have historically struggled to spread their values throughout the world, self- proclaimed as universal nation whose values should be applied to all mankind.

Products and American cultural norms in the age of globalization, have become global in a much greater extent than those of other countries. But such an attitude can not pass without challenge and becoming subject to the criticism of those nations that have historically "compete for the title" having the same aspirta.

Indeed, the idea that America is different from other countries and that it belongs the mission of preaching its values around the world, found on all sides of American politics, showing us clearly the elements of their national identity. The feeling of being a model for the rest of the world, lies deep in the American national consciousness.

The problem lies in the fact that this national mission runs counter the interests of anti-American nations in Europe, which criticizeand denounce contradictory most of the latter ones see as value.

Therefore the aim of this paper is to make clear why globalization is fueled by the so-called "imperialism" of American values and culture, why some European countries are feeling the need to protect their values and culture and why for France, in contrast to Albania, has been so difficult to accept the spread of American values around the world?

Researching the literature and documentation we realize that globalization and Americanization appear as two sides of the same coin, as very related phenomens to the development of the world. Globalizing model of "American type" has an impact on reducing the many traditions and cultures in the nations and regions of the world which occasionally manifest anti-American sentiments.

The latter are not only a consequence of the foreign policy, hegemony or military force of the United States, they were born as a combination of these causes with which Joseph S. Nye has defined as sources of "soft power" in America, and include among others political values and cultural norms.

Americanization, globalization, anti-American sentiments, political valuescultural norms. Introduction of movement towards a globalization model according to We all have the feeling that the world has become smaller, the model of "American type" or in other words towards more interconnected, more homogeneous, is transformed Americanization, which has had not a little impact on into a horizon of society experiences.

Worldwide media reducing the many traditions and cultures in the nations inform that transport links are global, International and regions of the world which occasionally manifest anti- Corporation are represented in many countries of the American sentiments. Globalization as a term has been unheard the rejection American hegemony, and here I am talking until 25 years ago,but currently has invaded the economy, about her role as the economic, political and cultural culture, media, politics etc.

In our days, very often we hear hegemonic, bringing in this way a rejection of capitalism as expressions such as "global poverty solution", "global an economic system, liberalism as the dominant ideology warming" or "global war against terrorism.

Cultural globalization is not Americanization : Philippe Legrain

So before we entered and in the social sciences jargon, where as many examine the influence of the U. The simplest definition is that with globalization where the U.

Are United States still the only global superpower? When we talk about the America primacy in relation to As we mentioned above, the aim of this paper is not to other powers of the globe, it is necessary to focus the analyze the phenomenon of globalization and its elements, analysis on the economic, political and military factors but to make clear if globalization is fueled by the so-called because the status of a hegemonic power or of any state in "imperialism" of American values and culture, making the the system of international relations, is defined by these latter become global in a much greater extent than those of essential components.

Goldstein, identified as the main other countries. The basic idea of this study lies in the fact 2 Vedrine, Hubert. France in an Age of 1 Giddens, A. After the As we see, most of this definition reflects the real impact intervention in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo, failed to that the United States have in the world today.


This fact is establish security and stability in the Western Balkans. This further reinforced if we refer to Zbigniew Brzezinski's, would not be able to realized by any other state or coalition according to which the United States, are and will remain of states.

As Josef Joffe says, has many things in the world the first global superpower, the only and last.The impact of globalization on culture and the impact of culture on globalization deserve discussion.

Therefore, this article tries to assess the global impact of American culture. It . Many societies around learning English and adjusting to American culture, the world can't get enough of it, but others see it as a customs, and dress.

So globalization is nothing more than fundamental threat.” the imposition of American culture on the entire world. Is Globalization Americanization? Essay Sample. Many have argued that the US popular culture is at the forefront of globalization, so much so that globalization can largely be viewed as the spread of American culture.

Cultural globalization is not americanization essay

The idea that American culture is encroaching on the rest of the world is not a new one. Richard Pells writes in the Chronicle of Higher Education that, as early as , Briton William Stead published a book with the foreboding title The Americanization of the World. Many have argued that the U.S.

popular culture is at the forefront of globalization, so much so that globalization can largely be viewed as the spread of American culture. Globalization by definition is generally used to describe the way the transportation, communication, technology, and cultural.

Some have also considered that Globalization is Americanization as America is at the vanguard position or have already been established as a cultural imperialism.

In other words, developing countries are keener to acclimatize American culture.

Cultural Globalization: Short Essay on Cultural Globalization