La visa loca

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La visa loca

The movie did not garner the near-universal acclaim brought on by his first picture, and if I remember correctly, it barely lasted a week in most theaters.

But La Visa Loca is a far cleverer film than most people give it credit for, and a second watch on DVD has convinced me that pound for pound, it might even be a better movie than Crying Ladies. La Visa Loca opens by introducing us to a young Jess Huson, hawking crab in the streets of Manila to whoever happens to be passing by.

We follow him home, where his father Sancho tells him that his mother has died in the States, run over by a car in New Jersey.

We move years ahead, to the U. Jess Huson, now an adult, is applying for a visa, but the interviewer is giving him problems. Jess is soon out the door, rejected stamp on his application. Jess supports his father by working as a driver for a car service.

The movie basically follows Nigel as Jess drives him around the provinces, looking for people who supposedly have supernatural powers. This leads them to a series of hoaxes and charlatans. Nigel becomes frustrated with constantly being disappointed by his leads. Jess then suggests that he shoot the Kristos, the people who have themselves crucified for Holy Week.

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Jess suggests that Nigel go to Bulacan instead, where the celebration is much smaller, and he can follow a single Kristo around for the whole day.

After a long search and many false starts, Jess does find a Kristo, but he turns out to be a scammer. And so, Jess Huson, to get an American visa, carries a cross up a hill, and has himself nailed to it in front of a cheering crowd of people.

Delirious, Jess has a dream about rejecting visa applications of foreigners trying to get into the country. The journey of Jess is inherently absurd, though it just took the cultural milieu and took it to its logical conclusion.

When you have doctors taking up nursing for a chance to go to the states, how farfetched is it really, for a person to go to the lengths that Jess did? But in the end, for all the pains that he makes, Jess will choose love and family and the country, difficult and imperfect as it is.

The weird thing about La Visa Loca is that it celebrates our eccentricities and flaws as much as it chastises us for them. Jess makes for an obvious Christ figure, though the real Christ in this movie is the Philippines itself.

But it sums up exactly the paradoxical feelings that a Filipino has about his country, so ready to condemn it himself, but also ready to defend its honor at any given time. It may fatuous to an extent, but there is a sense of love of loyalty in it. A lot of credit goes to Robin Padilla, who sells this sentiment really well.

Padilla has such an expressive face that you could probably follow the story based on his facial contortions. Johnny Delgado appeared to be just messing around for most of the movie, but when it counts, he delivers.

That one scene where he tells Jess what really happened to his mother was delivered with surprising gravity. La Visa Loca does have its problems. Like the country itself, the movie is a sprawling, varied, absurd piece of work, bursting with cynicism, yet never running out of hope.

What shines through for me, despite all the stones hurled at the country, is the love that Meily has for it.One American girl's journey from the skyscrapers of Chicago to the olive groves of Southern Spain.

La visa loca

This is a blog about moving to Spain, living in Spain, working in Spain and surviving in Spanish. La visa loca - Full, (Tagalog with English subtitles) Jess Huson has a dream-- like many other struggling Filipinos, he dreams of a better life for himself. Always Running: La Vida Loca: Gang Days in L.A.

[Luis J. Rodriguez] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The award-winning and bestselling classic memoir about a young Chicano gang member surviving the dangerous streets of East Los Angeles.

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Ep 1: The Drama - En Madrid

"Livin' la Vida Loca" is a number-one hit song by Ricky Martin. It was released on March 23, , from Martin's self-titled debut English-language album (he had previously released several albums in Spanish).

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La visa loca
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