Malaysia tioman islands project analysis essay

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Malaysia tioman islands project analysis essay

Islands in Malaysia are famous around the globe with its beautiful nature, culture and sparkling blue seawater. As a result, the government had set up the plan, strategies and actions to promote island tourism. On the other hand, the growing number of tourist arrivals to this destination were resulted in the development and upgrading of tourist infrastructure, accommodation, communication, recreation centre, transportation and other supporting infrastructure by the relevant government and private agencies as to ensure a high level of satisfaction of tourist during their stay.

However, these physical developments have led to the some impacts and challenges. This paper examines the impact of physical development faces by Malaysia Islands. It also discusses on how does tourism survives by looking at the strategies and actions. It depends on the size of the island, resources, Definition of the island according to the United physical character, land uses, policies and Nations Convention on the Law of the United strategies by the authorities.

Somehow, there is Nations International Sea UNCLOS 82still improper planning in the island due to the clause is "a land in a natural form and is development process started from the earliest day surrounded by water and always be above the high where the villagers or islanders started their water table".

Island tourism developments in residential area in the island Wong, The Malaysia except for Penang Island were dependent nuisance to the island happened due to the mainly on fishing income up to s Wong, irresponsible person or group of people who come Most of the islands in Malaysia shift into and develop the island with less consideration on island tourism due to the high demand and the the impacts.

Malaysia has so many islands surrounding it, dividing into 4 categories Table 1 and located in east coast, west coast, Sabah and Sarawak Diagram 1. In Malaysia, could be seen not only on nature but also the physical aspects of the manmade such as lodging and tourism infrastructure.

Malaysia tioman islands project analysis essay

The tourism developments create an economic spill over not Table 1: Island Category in Malaysia only to the areas of the island but also to the State Category Descriptions Islands and the country as well.

More than Langkawi Mersing where it will be developed to emerge asIsland and an important mainland coastal tourism destination. Labuan It will be the gateway to the Mersing group of C. Tourism is Pangkor July 24, Tioman tourism infrastructure like in the Pulau Pangkor, destination B.

The Government natural offer many opportunities for local governments to resources and promote their natural environments to visitors or tourist tourists.

Marine Park Marine Parks Payar 2. Kapas Furthermore, Government of Malaysia attracting No marines Island many foreign yachts lover to come to the Island by activities developing marina in the island. A marina is a within 2 dock or basin with moorings and supplies for nautical miles yachts and small boats.

The marina will attract high end tourist to the island. The development of 4. Uninhabited Unoccupied - island island marina will promote and attract the owner of the yacht to sail to Malaysia Island and park their Source: Town and Country Planning Department yacht in the marina.

Once completed, it will support the nascent cruise Island tourism needs proper planning and attention. On the other hand, once the states is firmly rooted in their human resource and marina had been completed, the marina is not operational and close for any activity.

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Marine Park in Malaysia is like Pulau Sector Redang and Pulau Perhentian in Terengganu, Five years Malaysia Plan Allocation (RM Million) Islands of Payar in Kedah, the islands of Tioman in Pahang and islands of Pulau Tinggi in Johor.

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Tioman - what an absolutely phenomenal residential trip for the Year 6 students! As always, they had their eyes opened to the conservation efforts that are going on in and around Malaysia and learned about what they could do to impact the global crisis in our rainforests and oceans.

Their day in the jungle was an adventure and students. Jan 23,  · Syed Hussein Alatas (Arabic: سيد حسین العطاس ‎‎ Sayyid Ḥusayn al-ʿAṭṭās ; 17 September – 23 January ) was a Malaysian academician, sociologist, founder of social science organisations, and politician.

Malaysia tioman islands project analysis essay

He was Vice-Chancellor of the University of Malaya in the s, and formed the Parti Gerakan Rakyat Malaysia (Gerakan).

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