U s military presence in afghanistan

Keeping any substantial number of troops in Afghanistan beyond next year would mark a sharp departure from President Obama's existing plan, which would leave only an embassy-based security cooperation presence of about 1, military personnel by the end of next year.

U s military presence in afghanistan

Putin has been waiting for the opportunity to undermine the United States power in the Middle East. Seizing on that opportunity in Syria was in part due to a lack of U. After the October War ofin which Israel humbled both of these countries, the Soviets withdrew from the region.

They also did not want to confront the U. Putin remembers the humiliation the former Soviet Union suffered in Afghanistan when the U. The Afghan tribal clans used the massive Tora Bora caves for protection; to attack Soviet troops and launch surface to air missiles.

U s military presence in afghanistan

He enjoyed being part of the power that the Soviet Union enjoyed in Europe. He had asked Moscow for military assistance from the troops and tanks stationed there—but instead they were told to stand-down. He remembers well the role the U. S played in the unification of Germany, which led to the Soviet Union losing power in Europe.

Vladimir Putin was out of a job when he returned to St. Petersburg Leningrad his hometown.

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Tenaciously though he worked his way into the political structure by becoming the deputy mayor. At the time Mikael Gorbachev had become more engrossed in political reforms than expanding a global military presence.

He instituted a new electoral system, and became the first president to be elected democratically on March 15, A year later he dissolved the Soviet Union.

Soon thereafter he became acting prime minister of the Russian Federation, and in March was elected president. Due to constitutional limits of two consecutive terms, Putin orchestrated Dmitry Medvedev becoming president for one term, and then assumed power again in After the Cold War ended inexiled Tatar clan members were allowed to return to their ancestral home in Crimea.

Putin understands that the radical Islamists could return to Russia and undertake terrorist attacks. Many were involved previously in the bombings of an apartment house ina theater ina school inthe Metro inand the Moscow airport in ; in Dagestan suicide bombers struck in and The Tsarnaev brothers involved in the Boston Marathon bombings in were ethnic Chechens who trained there.

Putin had helped his long-time ally Bashar al-Assad in his negotiations for the removal of chemical weapons, which prevented an eminent attack by the United States.

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Putin will also use this opportunity to diminish the threat of radical Islamists returning to Russian soil. With 30, Islamist fighters in Syria and neighboring Iraq, many have come from Europe, North Africa and nearby Arab states with the goal of removing al-Assad from power.

Although al-Assad deserves to be removed for his brutal acts against the Syrian people, such a regime change would cause a major void that will allow radical Islamists to take control as they have in Libya and Yemen. In the aftermath of the Arab Spring Islamist groups have continued to attempt taking control of Egypt, Tunisia, and Algeria.

There is a growing discontent in Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, and Bahrain where rulers have made major concessions to pacify demonstrators, however radical Islamists could destabilize these Arab States.

Putin, if there is the slightest chance of finding a peaceful solution in Syria. The Obama administration needs to find a diplomatic solution, since a military approach is filled with fraught.

Putin must be convinced that his ambitions in the Middle East should be limited to helping defeat the radical Islamist groups, and partner with the U. We need to understand that Putin grew up under several leaders during the decline of the Soviet Union. He has developed a strong nationalistic pride and possible expansion goals, which could be at the root of his actions.

However he also realizes that the endgame plan in Syria must be to find a peaceful solution or he will become entombed again there as the Soviet Union was in Afghanistan. Partitioning of Syria may satisfy Shiite, Sunni, Alawite, Kurdish and Christian factions, but may not bring about a lasting peace either.

He also remembers the war with Georgia inwhen Russia fought American-trained forces in the breakaway region. The annexing of Crimea inwhich has destabilized Ukraine should not be overlooked, however should not overshadow the goal of finding a peaceful solution in Syria.

The civil war in Syria continues to kill thousands, and displaces millions of refugees, which cannot be an acceptable option to Mr.

Share with colleagues and friends:Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has voiced worries over the US and NATO’s denial of the presence of ISIS terrorists in Afghanistan.

Insurgents taking advantage of reduced U.S., allied military presence

“We are alarmed as unfortunately, the US and NATO military in Afghanistan makes every effort to silence and deny the ISIS group’s presence in Afghanistan,” said Lavrov during a press conference in Moscow on Tuesday. Reportedly, the Trump administration is considering adding several thousand U.S.

troops—ideally accompanied by other NATO and foreign reinforcements too—to the U.S.-led mission in Afghanistan. He told a congressional panel last month that Moscow is seeking to undermine U.S.

and NATO influence in Afghanistan by exaggerating the presence of Islamic State fighters there and portraying this.

When the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) was created, it brought together several existing foreign assistance organizations and programs. Until then, there had never been a single agency charged with foreign economic development, so with the passage of the Foreign Assistance Act of by Congress, U.S.

foreign . He told a congressional panel last month that Moscow is seeking to undermine U.S. and NATO influence in Afghanistan by exaggerating the presence of Islamic State fighters there and portraying this.

Mar 28,  · After China ( million) and India ( million), the United States boasts the largest number of active-duty troops of any military worldwide, million in total.

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